There are top 10 education consultancy firm in Dhaka. NWC Dhaka is the best education consultant in Dhaka, Banani, Promoting UK, USA and Canada education in Bangladesh. If you live in Dhaka and planning to study abroad country like UK, USA and Canada then NWC Dhaka office has UK graduate expert consultant to guide you for your future study abroad.

NWC Dhaka team has the motivated and highly qualified consultant team with their experience and skill are delighted to help students for their higher education to take the right decision for prospective future by choosing the right institution and right course. We are working with more than 120+ UK universities as official direct representatives here in Bangladesh as well as globally. We have different departments Such as – Student Counseling Department, Compliance Department, Credibility Interview Training department, IELTS Center & trainer, File Assessment Department, Visa Experts. Some of our education consultants are UK Graduates. Our consultant provides the best possible services and benefits also. Benefits are- Save time and money on finding the right school or college for your child, Get expert advice from professionals who have years of experience in the industry, Give your child a head start in life with a world-class education.

Why NWC Dhaka is the best education consultant in Dhaka, Bangladesh?

Expert Student Counselors:

Our firm consists some enthusiastic as well as some senior expert counselors who are in this field for more than 9-10 years. They always guide a student to get the best institution for his/her further studies in the first world countries. They can show you a path maintaining the equilibrium in between your academic results, your choice of course and location with your financial condition. Best part is they can arrange different type and different amount of scholarship since NWC is direct partner of most of the UK Universities.

Compliance Team:

Our Compliance Team gives their best support for student with their application process and solve their queries directly connecting to the UK, USA, Canada Universities. They also know the application process inside out and can help student’s by submit a robust application. We are one of the education consultant in Dhaka , who has independent compliance team to help students and Universities.

File Assessment Department:

The file assessment department assesses the file right after receiving the file if he/she is eligible or not for studying in the UK, USA and Canada Universities. In that case it becomes very easy the student to choose what should he do, which university to choose, where should he go.

Credibility Interview Training:

NWC is one of the top education consultant in Dhaka as we have esteemed trained and experienced Credibility Interview trainer who can help train students on how to assess better and diagnose student learning difficulties. We train the students from the very beginning after enrolling themselves to NWC till they get their Visa in their hand. We provide all tips and tricks to pass in the interview and our success rate is 100% in this sector.

Visa Experts:

NWC has its own Visa experts, by whom we make the students Visa application fluently. We make the application in this manner that there is no flaws and our experts know the answer for all the questions in the application. Additional with Tier-4 student visa help, we help with Partner/Spouse/Dependent Visa and Child Dependent Visa. Our Visa success rate is 98%, and it became possible because of this experts.

To be the education consultant in Dhaka , Bangladesh NWC Dhaka has opened a separate quality control department.